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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

TFC Verti-Aid [Project Prometheus] - Pictorial Review

A figure that I've been looking forward to, but mostly because he's the last component of TFC Prometheus. To be frank, when TFC revealed their version of First Aid and Blades months back, only Red Cross (First Aid) really caught my attention while Verti-Aid seemed a bit underwhelming. So, we'll find out whether my first thought of him justified.

Pic Credit : Web

In IDW Generation 1 Continuity, Blade was part of Autobot security force, on duty in the city of Kaon. The force was given task of hunting down the renegade operators of the gladiatorial contests held in the slum areas of Cybertron, which they succeeded. Among the captives, the soon-to-be-known-as Megatron.

Pic Credit : Web

Blade's G1 toy transform into a rescue helicopter that really looks like a Bell UH-1V Iroquois. Despite being a Scramble City-style combiner limb, Blade normally form Defensor's right arm.

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In Package

The last release of TFC that will be using this design. Personally, I like that every TFC combiners has their own theme but keeping the overall look and feel of the packaging.

Unlike other members of Prometheus, I don't really like the artwork of Verti-Aid as I don't really feel the connection between him and Blade.

Back View

As usual, Verti-Aid comes with a tech spec, an instruction sheet and in addition to that, poster of Prometheus (just like how they did for Hercules, Uranos and Ares).

Mini Poster

Instrucion Sheet

Other than the rotor, Verti-Aid comes with Prometheus's right hand, 2 guns and a connector that also work as gattling gun.

It surprises me that aside from all of those, Verti-Aid alsom comes with a silicone pad, to be applied under all of TFC combiner's feet, to add friction and help them stand better. This is a nice addition for those who's to lazy to fix that issue themselves (like me).

Alt Mode

Verti-Aid transform into a rescue helicopter just like his G1 iteration. But this time, the helicopter really resembles Sikorsky S-61 helicopter (see below) that's also used for rescue mission.

Pic Credit : Web

Side View
Unlike the real Sikorsky S-61, Verti-Aid's alt mode is a bit short and 'compact'. Maybe it's not the same helicopter but rather a different type?


His detailing is a bit minimal, aside from the white and blue color scheme, there's only a blue line on each side and also translucent blue windows and highlights.

Transformation to alt mode is quite simple and a bit repetitive on how the arms fold, almost the same as TFC Warning Line and Red Cross. Unlike Red Cross, however, Verti-Aid transformation doesn't require aligning too many panels.

The weapons that comes with Verti-Aid can be attached to the side (just like G1 version but black color rather than white) and also below him.


Size wise, Verti-Aid is bigger than Cloud Shockwave (Generation Whirl's mold), surprising considering Verti-Aid looked small during previous promo pictures.

Protectobot Assemble!

One of the best things about collecting combiners is when you first put them together once they're complete. Aside from Warning Line, all four of them fit in really well with each other.


Robot Mode

The last of TFC Not-Protectobots! The robot mode is not the best iteration of Blade, I must admit. Unlike the artwork, the toy looks a bit bulky, much like TFC Red Cross. The figure itself feels solid, just like all Prometheus's team members.

Side View
Sadly, just like Red Cross, Verti-Aid comes with a pretty big kibble on his back. 

Back View

TFC is no stranger to small moving panels, the same as on Verti-Aid. The 2 portion that bothers me a lot are the ones below

The tail splits open and pegged to the side of the legs. However, the horizontal stabilizers just hang there loosely.

The other is the 2 red panels on his back. The panels are used to cover the gap between the middle section of the helicopter and the front part.

The head sculpt does have some Blade's characteristic but that's about it. However, it's a relieve that he doesn't come with blue face.

Despite the back kibble, Verti-Aid is still a stable figure, partly due to the size of his feet.

All of Verti-Aid's weapons can be attached to him including the connector/gattling gun and the rotor. However, I personally prefer the rotor to be attached on his back rather than on his forearm.

Despite how he look, Verti-Aid's articulations are quite good.

He comes with a head swivel, ratchet joint on the elbows, waist swivel, universal joint on the hips, ratchet joints on the knees and ball-jointed feet.

The best part of his design (or worst, depend on how you perceived it) is his shoulder joints. The multiple moving parts allows very wide range of motions and can be hidden perfectly in normal stand.

In addition to the guns, the blades can be detached from the rotor to be used as [short] swords.

Group Shots

It surprises me to see that Verti-Aid is even taller than Warning Line. Based on his propotion when his pictures were released, I would've guess that Verti-Aid will be among the shortest.

Combiner Mode

Since Prometheus's limb comes with scramble-city ability, Verti-Aid can also formed Prometheus's leg in addition to as the arm.

Transformation to leg mode is quite simple from the alt mode, by just splitting the tail and flipping the front part.

Side View

Comparison with Gumball
Much like Red Cross, I don't really prefer Verti-Aid as the leg due to the size and square design of it.

As Prometheus's hand however, Verti-Aid looks nice. Basically, despite Prometheus's scramble-city ability, the original configuration the best in terms of the combined mode overall proportion.

Coming up next, Prometheus's himself!


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  2. Hi,

    Sorry that I "contact you" in this way, I do not know other way to do it. When I though I would not be able to complete Hercules because all Exgraver in world are sold out I found a store that have it, but it is the old box. I'm learning about the problem in shovel and I would like to ask you if it is that maniatic hard to be used? What is your experience? I saw a few comments and it seems almost impossible to play with it :(


    1. It's ok. Well, mine is the first issue and yes, the plastic at the pivot will crack but that's about it. mine had cracked but still in good condition.

  3. Guess that I have no choice XD. Nevermind, I mentally prepared to fix it (I saw how to do it). Guess you cannot be a "collector" without a repaired toy XD.


    Btw, how is the next combiner in your eyes? :D

    1. Haha.

      Next combiner meaning what TFC will release? I still have my money on Terrorcons and I hope the quality will be at least the same as the last 3 members of Prometheus

  4. Jeje, my question was what will be your next review on your blog, not which is the TFC guy would like to see. jaja. Anyway, the Terrorcon would be interesent. I not so fan of military vehicles, but I would like to see TFC-Bruticus. Which name you think they could give to a TFC-Abominus?

    1. Haha, sorry. I just did Combiner Wars Stunticons and after that will proceed with non-combiner, Hexatron Continuum and MADLAW. Afterwards will be UT Fenrir and also in between maybe Combiner Wars Aerialbots

    2. Hexatron and MADLAW are interesting (even if they are not combiners jeje). I will see those reviews for sure.

    3. Thanks. I'll always appreciate your support man