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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mastermind Creations R-03 Feral Rex Bovis - Pictorial Review

Gestalts are forces to reckon with, tipping the scale in whichever war or battle they participates in. However, there's one particular team, whose combined form feared even by the other combiners, the King of The Beast, Predaking of the Predacons.

Pic Credit : Web
Fusing Divebomb, Headstrong, Rampage, Tantrum and Razorclaw of the Predacons, Predaking is ferocious demon with extreme physical abilities and personality. The perfect hunter and predator, Predaking, despite being animalistic, differ from his kind of uncontrollable and stupid machine.

Pic Credit : Web

Forming Predaking's right leg (although not exclusively), Tantrum seems to have his patience replaced and all filled with violence. And if you count pointless fight, endless destruction and senseless violence as 'fun', then he's the most fun bot out there

In Package

R-03 Bovis was supposed to be the 2nd of MMC's Feral Rex team to be released after R-02 Talon but the latter was delayed. Bovis comes with a high quality box, which kind of surprised me at first, that surpasses most 3rd Party releases.

Back View

Even more surprised, the box has a window (with magnets), reminding me of Maketoys Battle Tanker

Bovis comes with a biocard and a comic book/instructions which is done nicely

I won't be revealing the storyline of the comic but I can assure you, it's intriguing. The artwork uses the model of the Ferocicons with the overall feel and style of Transformers Galaxy Force/Cybertron

Accessories included for Bovis are 2 knives, 2 guns and Combiner Part. The guns are made out of solid plastics while the knives out of a somewhat softer plastics.

The Combiner Part for Feral Rex has a way better plastic quality and mass compared to TFC's Uranos parts, with the solid feel of G1 Predaking's.

The Combiner part consist of Feral Rex's foot and fist, which won't be included in this review

Alt Mode

Bovis transform into an intimidating robotic bull in which despite his robot size, compact in alt mode. Bovis is heavy compared his size and transforming Bovis in between modes is super fun.

Bovis has a clean finishing with most are colored plastics. One thing though, Bovis's eyes in alt mode are not really visible and seems a bit hidden

Side View

Articulations wise, Bovis depends on the double jointed thighs for most of the movement and also ball joints between the upper and lower legs and also at the feet which restrict his posebility abit

The head is on a swivel joint, which is kind of a let down, and on a hinge that allows the head to tilt downward...but not upward

And THIS should have been hidden better.

The combiner parts can be attached on top on him, becoming his extra large cannon
Size Comparison

Robot Mode

Feral Rex is one of the three 3rd Party Predakings and with Unique Toy never made it to my list, I thought I would prefer TFC's design more than MMC's. However, I think Bovis's design is golden!

Side View
Back View

The detailing on Bovis's face is incredible. However, the over-emotional expression might not be everyone's cup of tea. The paint job is clean and the eyes are somewhat glossy rather than with light piping

Articulation-wise, Bovis lives up to the standard. All the joints are tight and there's nothing flimsy about him.

Bovis comes with a swivel joint on the head, ball joints and hinges on the shoulders, double jointed elbows, swivel on the wrists and the waist.

Double joints on the feet

Still, Bovis have a few clearance issue when posing ie the back of the shoulders, his waist and a bit on his lower legs, although can be consider minor

The knives can either be held or attached on the side of Bovis's hand. However, do with caution as the handles are said to snap easily.

The combiner parts can attached on his back without affecting neither his ability to pose nor stand

Size Comparison

Combiner Mode

First of all, size comparison with TFC Uranos. Both parts are roughly the same size with MMC's slightly bigger. However, design wise, MMC's is ball jointed (to connect to the leg) instead of ratcheting thus saved for suffering the same problem that TFC Uranos have.

Of all the 3rd Party combiner released, Bovis is the most solid limbs ever, taking into account Fansproject, Unique Toys, Maketoys and TFC combiners

Side View

I must say that I'm fairly surprised! Bovis is the answer to my search of high quality release with appropriate scale to my current CHURGs collections.

So unless TFC pull off a miracle or something, Feral Rex will be my Predaking and I highly recommend him to be yours too


  1. Aduhh... aku kena amik ni la gamaknya in comparison to TFC...

    1. tu la. btw, there's already rumors of TFC cancelling their ARES project

    2. If what the rumors says true..i'll be damn..
      after Devastator come out, looking fwd for their next combiners..
      Currently awaiting Uranos to fly down at my door step..

    3. I think the rumors been debunked since TFC yesterday posted official photos of Not-Razorclaw

  2. TFC's too late, they better do the not-Protectobot or whatever :D

    1. true. they shouldn't have went with Predaking to begin with considering MMC and UT already released theirs way earlier